Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Last Week's Results

This is coming a couple days late...for that I apologize.

Lately the trend has been for me to have a good week, and follow it up with a lousy week.  Take the first week of the year.  I had a good week, then had a lousy week.  Granted I was sick, so I spent a lot of it recovering, but I digress.

Last week though, I stopped the trend.  I had a good week the previous week, and continued the good streak.  I was just under 4 hours of fitness, 3.97 hours.

Here's the numbers:

- only one bike session, but it was 1:00:50.  13.5 miles.  A tempo set DVD, Spinervals 29.0
- 3 runs outside for a total of 8.27 miles.  1:25:30
- 2 swim sessions.  1800 meters total.  37:18
- 2 strength training sessions, totaling 56 minutes
- one off day, due to just needing a rest

I know it may be a bit premature, but I already see myself looking a bit better in the mirror, and a pair of jeans is fitting a bit looser.  It's a bit premature, yes, and I have to make sure I don't get ahead of myself.  But I'm happy right now.  Feeling great. :-)

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