Saturday, February 2, 2013

January Round-Up

The monthly round-ups this year won't be that horribly detailed because you have my progress in front of you, week by week. That being said, I'd still like to do these, because, well, I have been since the start of this blog. Works for me.

Anyway, January! January was kind of a disappointing month, mainly because I was sick for about half of it. Which sucks. After I got better, however, things picked up nicely.

Running: 8.26 mi
Swimming: 4500m (2.8 mi)
Cycling: 35.06 mi
Lifting: 9 sessions (3:53)
Other: 15 minutes of attempted ice skating, 30 minutes of walking (well, logged)

Running was the thing that hurt the most this month because when you're mucusy and coughing, running is kind of the last thing you want to do. Or at least the last thing I want to do. Lifting? Easy. Swimming? Not hard. Cycling? A little trickier, but still manageable. But running? Aw hell no.

That being said, given the sickness, I'll take the month. It had more rest than I wanted, but I have to keep reminding myself I'm in base-building. I can't go too crazy - or at least I shouldn't go too crazy, even if I want to.

I'm hoping to build on this and build on this well for February and I'm already off to a good start ... as you'll read about shortly when the Week Five recap gets posted.

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