Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Week One: 12/31-1/6

Well, week one of 2013 is in the books and it has been ... disappointing, to say the least. Read on!

Monday, December 31: Run: 2.92 mi in 30:10.78 - 10:20/mi
- BRC-DTC New Year's Eve Run.
- I really need new shoes - Cortanas seriously giving me blisters ... aaaaaand my lungs hate the cold.

Tuesday, January 1: Bike: 6.74 mi in 33:11; avg cad 77, 12.19 mph
- Spinervals 23.0 Time Saver I; workout a: technique.
- 23.7 mph max; 144 max cad
- higher cadence tricky lately - [trainer] resistance? lack of bike fitness? not hitting numbers like I used to.
- Woke up feeling like poo and [it] never really went away.
(also felt like puking soon after my lunch at work; didn't really eat dinner)

Wednesday, January 2: Swim: 900m in 20:06.85 - 2:14/100m
- 3x50m, 2x100m, 1x200m, 2x100m, 3x50m
- 1st 50m in :59! 200m was rough; last three 50s in 1:03/ea.
Lift: 29:00; Mark Allen phase two.
- 2/12/60 lat pull downs; 2/12/55 leg extensions; 2/12/60 leg curl; 2/12/45 bench press; 2/12 squats; 2/12/5 lat db raises; 2/12/10 calf raises; 2/12/5 db pullovers; 2/12 backward lunges; 2/12/20 bicep curls; 2/12/8 tricep extensions; 2/12/90 angled leg press.
- I have felt like crap all day; headache [got it as I was leaving the house for work] maybe only disappeared when swimming. Workout was surprisingly awesome.

Thursday, January 3: Off - sick
- Woke up still sick; but cough has some depth now - able to hack some stuff up. Worried this might be an off day. Had coffee in the am; did NOT work out.
- Trying to talk myself into believing that just an easy spin on the trainer - not even a workout - would be okay, but my throat hurts that much. My legs might feel better after, but I just don't know. HATE taking the off day, but rest may just be the best thing for me. :(

Friday, January 4: Off - sick
- NyQuil didn't even help me sleep through the night - woke up coughing [several times]. Not sure I'm going to be able to train today either.
- Chose to take another day off due to death plague 2013. :(

Saturday, January 5: Off - sick
- Taking one more day ... also going to buy a cough suppressant from the store today. And maybe a saliva/mucus one ...

Sunday, January 6: Off - sick
- Hoping to go to the gym today, but my body was having absolutely none of it. If I'm not a lot better tomorrow, I'm giving up and calling the doctor. Went through an entire box of Kleenex today.

Weekly training time: 1:52:29
Weekly training mileage: 10.12 mi
Yearly training time: 1:52:29
Yearly training mileage: 10.12 mi

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