Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week Two: 1/7-1/13

Week two can be summed up succinctly: sick, but getting better.

Monday, January 7: Off - sick
- UGH. still sick. Dr.'s office full - going to try to get in tomorrow. A week is long enough w/ this bullshit.

Tuesday, January 8: Off - sick
- Diagnosis: I worked (no really, couldn't take time off. stupid job) through the flu and am now apparently on the cusp of a sinus infection.
- Good news: I have antibiotics and liquid vicodin (cough syrup) which should hopefully get me back on track soon!

Wednesday, January 9: Off - sick
- Too soon to tell if the antibiotics are working, but the vicodin cough syrup did jack-poopy. Still woke up in the the middle of the night coughing.
- Still resting.

Thursday, January 10: Off - sick
- Still not feeling up to par, but I can definitely tell I'm on the road to recovery!

Friday, January 11: Off - sick
- Went down to a 3 (rather than a 4/5) on BeginnerTriathlete, so definitely feeling better - still coughing a little, still more mucusy than normal, but the vast majority of my energy is back.
- Still, taking it easy. Hoping to do something tomorrow!

Saturday, January 12: Lift: 36:00, Mark Allen phase two
- 2/12/60 lat pulldowns; 2/12/50 leg extensions; 2/12/60 leg curls; 2/12/45 bench press; 2/12 squats; 2/12/5 lat db raises; 2/12/15 calf raises; 2/12/5 db pullovers; 2/12 backward lunges; 2/12/20 bicep curls; 2/12/8 tricep extensions; 2/12/130 leg press
- Felt really good to get back in the gym. 1st set of leg extensions - ugh. Leg curls easy-ish. Hard exertion (lunges) got lungs going. Easy cardio for me ...

Sunday, January 13: Swim: 900m in 19:29.48 - 2:10/100m
- 3x50m, 2x100m, 1x200m, 2x100m, 3x50m
- 1st three 50s - :57, :58, :57
- last three - :57, :56, :56
- flying in the 50s; everything else, not so much
- Can still feel the sickness in my throat, but this felt good. Cardio this week will have to stay at a lower intensity. Also! 167!

So yes, most of this week was taken off due to death plague (or, y'know, the flu). However, I'm crawling back on the proverbial horse, albeit carefully. I have a full week of workouts scheduled, but nothing too crazy until maybe next Sunday.

As for that last note about the weight, I forgot to blog about it here, but late November/early December, I discovered that I was back at my college hockey playing weight of 175. Which is bad, since I had stabilized at about 168 for the longest time. So, even though I gained 8 pounds, I noticed those 8 pounds. I felt them running. I felt them in my clothes. I felt them mentally. So, the fact that they're gone? Happy. I know a good chunk of it is partially due to me being sick and my body fighting off those germs, but I'll take it. I just need to take care of myself, making smart food decisions and keeping active, to keep it that way (and maybe make it drop some more. I don't know what my ideal IM racing weight will/should be, but I think it's gonna be lower than 168).

Weekly training time: 55:30
Weekly training mileage: .56 mi
Yearly training time: 1:47:59
Yearly training mileage: 10.68 mi

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  1. Having had the flu 2 years in a row, and with last year rolling right in to bronchitis/RSV... be careful with recovery! And feel freaking better!