Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Another week down

After a week in which I was pretty sick, last week was quite the nice rebound in terms of working out.  It included a fast run, a ride outside, and some hockey.


30 minutes of walking and 15 minutes of hockey (ice was bad)
2 rides, one on the trainer, one outside.  14.2 miles, 1:09:29
1 run.  2.41 miles, 22:13 for a 9:13 per mile
2 lifting sessions, 57 minutes
1 swim, 900 meters, 19:08, 2:07 per mile.

So obviously not huge numbers, but given that I was rebounding off a tough week of sickness and whatnot, I'll gladly take it.  This week is shaping up nicely thus far.


  1. I see you have climbed back on the horse, Brandon.

    Ride 'em, cowboy!!