Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December and 2012 Round-Up

I've been so busy updating my personal blog, that this one kinda fell by the wayside. I still want to do my IMAZ volunteer post and will do so in the next few days.

Anyway, if you recall from the beginning of the year, I had a lot of lofty goals. I hit some, failed on others. I'd like to recap those ... right after I do my December numbers.

Running: 20.58 mi
Swimming: 0m
Cycling: 28.09 mi
Lifting: six sessions
Other: nothing

Running ... wasn't bad. Everything else ... well ... one should not try to implement a new training plan in December, what with the holidays and craziness and all. We had a guest, which never helps (unless they're of the athletic persuasion themselves) and the stress of the season wore me down to nothing. Last week? Was a whole lot of nothing except for a very short run on Christmas day.

Now, let's recap the 2012 goals, shall we?

Sub-60:00 at BolderBOULDER: 59:16 says YES!
PR at Denver RnR Half (2:00-2:15): That was a no. I had a race PR, but not a 13.1 PR.
28:00 5K: Does 28:27 count?
Yearly total of 500 miles: 266.2 says major fail.

Average at least 16.5 mph at every in-season race: Only one that fell short was Boulder Peak. But I also broke my bike in that race, so let's call that a wash, shall we?
Yearly total of 800 miles: 642.93 says fail.

Average a 38:00/mi: I really should have done a x/100m time goal, but I think I did this in Tri for the Cure, so we'll go with it.
Yearly total of 60 miles: 54360.91m (33.78 mi) says fail. But it's also the most I've ever swam (swum?) in a year, so I'm still kinda happy with it.

Post a 1:40 or lower at Tri for the Cure: 1:34:08 means success!
Post a 3:30 or lower at either Boulder Peak Triathlon or Rattlesnake Olympic: Well, Peak was the broken bike and a 1 second PR for a 3:41:06 and I never ended up doing Rattlesnake ... so I'm going to have to say a fail, because even without the bike disaster, I'm not sure if I would have done a 3:30.

Lift at least twice a week (preferably more in off-season): Ha, no.
MORE CORE in the off-season: I did some ... but I wouldn't classify it as "more."

Do yoga at least once a week: I was good at this for a while ... and then nope.
Get back into stretching again - before/after workouts/competitions: My injury in September says that was a fail ... but the injury ironically did get me back stretching a little more, so we'll say kinda.

Play hockey an average of once a month: My skates and sticks are still collecting dust in the garage, sad to say.
Walk more - particularly in the warmer months - like to the now super-close grocery store: This I did.
Hike more - do at least five hikes this summer: Didn't get up at all to hike.
Snowshoe more - at least three trips this winter: We kinda did once. In the park across the way. It was awful.

Overall ... not that great. I missed the mark on a lot of things (particularly my mileage). I also have to say though ... that a few things happened that helped that failure along. The main one being, obviously, me crashing my bike back in April. That put me out of commission for a while and, in some ways, kind of derailed my season. It did financially - having to cut a hopefully heavy racing season down to a fairly light one since hospital bills meant I couldn't register for races. Training also fell by the wayside as a result.

That being said, I did hit a couple of my goals in a big way. I not only cracked-60:00 in BB, I made it so there was no question (44 seconds helps). I also had a HUGE PR in Tri for the Cure which was nice. And while I didn't necessarily PR at every distance I raced this year, I had at least a race PR in every race (yes, even my disastrous Denver half performance was still a race PR), which is a nice consolation prize.

2013 will bring new challenges ... and new goals - probably later today. For now though, I'm just glad 2012 is OVER.

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