About the Baby Dinosaurs

Brandon, a pilot, completed his first triathlon in 2009 and in 2013 became Ironman and Ironman Arizona, finishing in 15:24:52.  Three years later, he completed his second Ironman at Boulder.  Brandon is definitely an up-and-down athlete due to his job, but is always striving to do his best in the athletic world.

is the one who got her husband hooked on running and triathlon to begin with. Brandon has taken the title of Team Baby Dino triathlete, but she's still stronger on the mental side of things.

If you got on the ice against us (we're quadathletes, didn't you know?), Brandon would score against you and T would do everything in her power to keep you away from her goalie.

Aside from living the active lifestyle, Brandon is a big sports fan, cheering on his childhood teams of Minnesota, the Vikings, Twins, and Wild.  He's a proud Fighting Sioux and loves his alma mater in hockey.  Loves music, especially operatic metal and hard rock.  Has seen Shinedown 6 times live and there's no telling when he'll stop seeing them. He has a weakness for chocolate, comparing himself to a woman in that regard.  Loves traveling (when it's not for his job) and throws a mean bowling ball.  He can also catch his own dinner on the lakes of Minnesota.  Take him on in a poker game and he'll be buying breakfast with your money.  Don't ask him any car maintenance questions or how to fix anything in the house.  In 2016, Brandon took a major step in his life, becoming a pilot for a major airline, fulfilling a childhood dream and more importantly, providing a career that allows him and T to live a comfortable, healthy, fun life.

T has taken her old artistic flair, once used on paper in words and images, and translated it to the kitchen where she's discovered a knack for baking and cooking. She enjoys dabbling in photography, but knows that hobby won't go anywhere. She's a speedy reader, though doesn't read as much as she should. Now that she no longer writes about hockey, she's rekindled her love of Boston University hockey.  When visiting her alma mater, you'll likely find her at one of her favorite college eateries, T Anthony's.  She knows her way around that city and loves finding the next best bowl of chowdah or being the lobster whisperer.  Volunteering at races and being a Skirt Sports Ambassador take up much of her time when she's in Denver, though her recent good fortunes mean that travel (particularly with B) will become more of a thing.