Monday, January 28, 2013

Week Four: 1/21-1/27

With this week, I feel back. Kind of.

Monday, January 21: Run: 2.39 mi in 25:01.50 - 10:28/mi
- neighborhood loop
- 1st run since 12/31!
- forced myself to take it super easy
- Didn't die! Also listened to my lungs/sinuses VERY carefully so as not to completely over exert myself. Also: had yearly physical - healthy! A few of my high numbers from last year went down thanks to a few dietary changes, so that makes me REALLY happy.

Tuesday, January 22: Off - sheer exhaustion
- Decided to take a nap when I got home ... ended up being over 2 hours and was sluggish rest of night. Still learning how to nap and I think my body just really wanted and needed the rest.

Wednesday, January 23: Swim: 1200m in 26:48.37 - 2:13/100m
- 100m, 5x200m, 100m
- 1st 100 - 2:08; last in 2:04
- 2nd 200 hurt; did not feel good at that point
- last 200 felt awesome
- Moved this from yesterday. Was supposed to ride as well, but the 1200 killed us. And maybe because it was gloomy? Can't really pin down why today was what it was. Regardless, we got something in today and I'm thankful for that.

Thursday, January 24: Swim: 600m in 13:41.62 - 2:17/100m
- 100m, 200m, 200m, 100m
- 1st 100m in 2:02
- died in the 1st 200m and knew i had nothing in me. did what i could.
Lift: 23:00, Mark Allen phase one
- 1/15/50 lat pulldowns; 1/15/60 leg extensions; 1/15/60 leg curls; 1/15/45 bench press; 1/15 squats; 1/15/5 lat db raises; 1/15/10 calf raises; 1/15/5 db pullovers; 1/15 backward lunges; 1/15/20 bicep curls; 1/15/8 tricep extensions; 1/15/130 leg press
- first few exercises hurt a lot. so did tricep extensions. leg press may have been the only thing that felt "good."
- Ate Taco Bell ... 20? minutes? before swimming. Burrito and cheese roll-up had no effect on the workout, but I think the Diet Pepsi did. Ugh, never doing that again. We thought swimming two days in a row wouldn't be a problem, but it was harder than we thought. In any case, this workout killed us and I now have zero energy.

Friday, January 25: Run: 3.48 mi in 36:49.42 - 10:34/mi
- Dayton addition
- purposefully took it pretty slow
- completely bombed one of the downhills
- There were times on that run where I felt absolutely awesome and other times, where not so much. But the times I felt like I was having fun made this run worthwhile. Plus it was the longest run I've done in a looong while and it wasn't as slow as I thought it would be.

Saturday, January 26: Bike: 6.89 mi in 32:49; avg cad 80, 12.6 mph
- 23.2 mph max; 164 max cad
- Spinervals 23.0 Time Saver I; workout A: technique
- Was hoping for core, too, but a meeting with family ended up going later than we thought (and worse food was consumed than should have been). That being said, glad we got in the trainer ride. This also confirms that workouts need to get done right away.

Sunday, January 27: Run: 2.39 mi in 24:12.97 - 10:07/mi
- neighborhood loop
- stops and starts due to Brandon's calf
Lift: 26:00; Mark Allen phase one
- 1/15/60 lat pulldowns; 1/15/60 leg extensions; 1/15/60 leg curl; 1/15/45 bench press; 1/15 squats, 1/15/5 lat db raises; 1/15/5 db pullovers; 1/15 backward lunges; 1/15/20 bicep curls; 1/15/8 tricep extensions; 1/15/130 leg press
- wasn't as fatigued as I thought I'd be
- Didn't feel ready for a treadmill speed session, so got out in the sunshine. Solid week of training - just would have liked more cycling. Ate bowl of Cheerios between workouts today.

Weekly training time: 3:28:23
Weekly training mileage: 18.27 mi
Yearly training time: 8:31:11
Yearly training mileage: 44.09 mi

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