Monday, January 14, 2013

January 7-13...a week of sickness

If you follow me on twitter, and you should (@bgeist111) you know that I got sick last week and spent the good part of it recovering.

My swim last Sunday was pretty awful and the lifting simply wore me out, which I attributed to being sick.  I was planning on taking Monday off to recuperate and rest, and resume working out Tuesday.  I ended up resting the entire week, trying to shake what was a pretty bad cold.  Mercifully, I didn't have to go to work all week, as I was on reserve and they never called me.

By Thursday, I started to feel like I was at the tail end of my sickness, and Friday, I COULD have done something small, but we made the prudent decision to take one more day of recovery.

Saturday we worked our way back to the gym to resume lifting.  We pulled off the Mark Allen Lifting Plan Phase 2, and while I can tell I've lost some muscle mass, it didn't go as badly as I thought it would.

On Sunday, we got back in the pool.  I did my standard 900 meters, of 100 warm up and 800 main.  I was surprised at how fast I went.  I averaged a 2:09 per 100, which was 5 seconds per 100 faster then I did it the previous Sunday.  Yes I was stronger in the chest and head, but still, I was happy to note the progress.

So obviously my numbers are not good for this week...

0 miles of running
0 miles of cycling
19:26 of swimming 900 meters
36 minutes of strength training.

However.  However.  I think by being smart and forcing ourselves to rest, it has allowed us to recover (we're not 100% I might add, but I digress) and get back on the horse of base-building. This week will not see big numbers, but we will be back to working out consistently and getting in some mileage in every aspect of triathlon.

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