Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 Goals and Aspirations

Last year, I also did a goal post. I recapped it earlier this month. I'm not going to do quite the same thing this year, but similar. Basically, I have some specific race goals and some really specific Ironman goals.

So, without further ado ...

T's 2013 Race Goals

5K: Break my six-year-old 5K PR of 26:27.
10K: Sub-59:00 at BolderBOULDER (or another 10K, but probably BB).
Half-Marathon: 2:10 (die, rnr denver half, die! i will conquer you!). Stretch goal: 2:00 flat.

5430 Sprint: sub-1:50. Ideally: sub-1:45.

5i50 Boulder Peak: sub-3:30.
There is no ideal. I've been chasing 3:30 for a while and may have hit it last year had it not been for Bob breaking on me.  The key to the PRs on these Boulder courses will be riding and riding and riding the first few miles of the bike courses. I am always so slow on those first few miles exiting the Res; they're a gradual uphill and they just suck. For Peak, this will also include killing myself with hill repeats up Stage. The thought kind of makes me want to puke, but I know it will make me stronger - for this, and IMAZ.

IM Boulder 70.3: sub-7:30. Ideally: sub-7:00 or even sub-6:45.
With a single-loop bike, this may happen. No matter what though, I have to get my run better if I want to do this. Sub-7:00 would mean chopping almost an hour off of my 2011 time, but I kind of died in that race, so I know it is actually possible ... especially with the power of MX12 behind me.

Ironman Arizona: FINISH
Okay, so obviously that's the goal in any Ironman for we age-groupers, since you never know what can happen in a race that damn long. That being said, I have each section broken down:

1. FINISH sub-17:00
2. Finish sub-15:00
3. Finish sub-14:00
(I've heard that around 14:something is pretty standard for most people, but I don't want to tempt fate. I've also done the math and know that sub-13:00 is feasible if we have a great day ... but I'm going conservative with IM numero uno.)

The Swim:
1. Finish sub-2:20
2. Finish sub-2:00
3. Finish sub-1:40
(Obviously my first goal in every category is make the damn cut. Right this second, my pool averages get me out in my stretch goal ... but it's me and open water. We don't always get along. This may be revised depending on how my 2.4 mile practice swim on 8.31 goes.)

The Bike:
1. Finish pre-5:30pm (so 10:30 race time)
2. Finish sub-7:00
3. Finish sub-6:00
(That stretch goal is HUGE. I would have to have the ride of my life. But the incentive? Not spending that damn long sitting on my freaking bike. Poor ladybits just hurt thinking about it.)

The Run:
1. Finish pre-17:00
2. Finish sub-5:11
3. Finish sub-5:00
(The second goal is kind of an inside joke/reason between the two of us that I don't particularly care to share here. Truly, though, I just want to survive the run as it will be my first-ever marathon.)

Ideally I'd like to keep these under 10:00. I think that's pretty fair ...

There is a part of my brain that knows I can kick some serious ass if things go well for me this year. There is also part of me that's completely petrified of the possibility - "There's no way I can be that fast," and I hope and pray that my own self-doubt doesn't hold me back in training and racing this year like it does in so many other aspects of life (professional, anyone? neeeeeeeeeeeed a job change so much ...). I have a great support group behind me if I choose to use it (MX12VIP for the win) and I'm thinking they'll help me out.

Wish me luck and success, everyone; I'm gonna need it this year more than ever ...


  1. I never set specific goals, I just did a lot of training and that led to very good results for me, but that's just the way I am.

    The important thing is how well you finish, not how poorly you start :-)

  2. If that run goal #2 is what I think it is... *chucklesnort*. You've got that, I know you do.
    That said, just finish it. And rock your skirt. ;)

    You're going to have a great year. You've got some great aspirations, and a solid network. You so have this, don't forget that.