Monday, December 3, 2012

November Round-Up

November was an interesting month as far as working out. It had some good ups; it had some downs (it's us; we have downs. though that will need to change); it saw the scariest thing to happen to us yet.

Read on!

Running: 10.6 mi
Swimming: 2400m (1.49 mi)
Cycling: 55.8 mi
Lifting: one official session
Other: 20 minutes (at least) of walking, 1:19 of Sportoga (which really is strength, too) and 15:30 of race volunteering.

That last one seems funny, but if BeginnerTriathlete is going to have "race volunteering" as a sport, then damnit, I'm logging it because I did a LOT of that.

Running ... was meh. Swimming was the exact same as October, but actually slightly faster so yay for that and cycling was a nice improvement. We also voluntarily rode up the death hill from Boulder Peak since a friend of ours was out here and wanted to ... for fun. We managed. It was tough, but we managed.

Granted, that month will be the weekly totals in a few months, but y'know. Silly Ironman training ...

Speaking of which, I read a great quote the other day - "If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough." Well, IM is terrifying, so I think the dream is big enough.

December's plan is the beginning of base-building. We've sketched out when IM training is going to start officially (5.20.13), so we need to build ourselves a nice solid base so we don't die when that rolls around. This also means the return of the Mark Allen lifting plan; we're just using the start of IM training as our "race" (or the completion of the program). Ahh, sweet, sweet structure ...

Anyway, gotta wrap this up so I don't miss the start of registration for the Boulder Tri Series. Damn IM Tahoe making me hover around my computer so I can get us into IM Boulder 70.3 (and 5430 and 5i50 Peak) and beat all those other people wanting to get in for altitude training!

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  1. Just now catching up. Congrats on IMAZ! You have a plan, follow it and you guys will do great. Looking forward to reading about the training.