Saturday, April 3, 2010

Trying to make sense of all this...

It's April. April is bringing a lot of things to Team Baby Dinosaur, both good and bad. In a good sense, it's getting warmer in Colorado, which means more running outside and getting on our wonderful bikes. It means a vacation to Tuscon, which will equal hiking, swimming, and a trip to a triathlon store. It opens up our race season with the Cherry Creek Sneak 5 mile run. And, what could be most important of all, it means fresh fruit is going to be coming in droves, which means a better diet for both of us.

But April also brings uncertainty. I lose my job May 1st. I'm being forced to leave a company that I love. A place that I have cultivated some great relationships and really enjoyed myself. The worst part about this, I think, is that this isn't my fault. I took a gamble by coming to Lynx, of course. But there's no reason that gamble shouldn't have paid off. Lynx was supposed to grow, expand, and be a place I could probably settle down and call a career. Instead, Bryan Bedford decided jet service was more important then quality service in and out of very difficult mountain airports that save a LOT of fuel and generate a LOT of revenue.

This uncertainty is something I have experienced before and I bounced back, quickly. But this one is different. I have interviewed for two jobs in the past month and have gotten a thanks but no thanks from one and am still waiting to hear from another. What's more, I really don't want to be applying for any more at the moment since it's really tough to try to coordinate interview schedules while I'm still flying. I'm not a fan of calling in sick to go to job interviews.

Sometimes I wonder why this happened to me. Why did I strike out? But it's easy to feel sorry for myself. Imagine if I had that mentality on the tri! Oh no, my goggles came off. My tri is over. Oh no, I got a flat tire. My tri is over. No! All our readers know I'm way too stubborn to quit and give up. If I adopt the mentality of "woe is me" in my daily life, how will that translate in training and on race day? It'll translate awful!

I need to stay positive. Something will come along. To sound kind of egotistical, I believe in myself way too much to let this destroy me. And I know you all believe in me too. I'm not just letting myself down if I quit, I'm letting all of you down as well.

Along those lines, I recently had a root canal re-done. I developed an infection in there and it was giving me a lot of pain. Twice this week, I've tried running and both times found the tooth pain unbearable. I also couldn't swim because it was way too cold on the infection (it's not gone yet) and caused me too much pain. But yesterday I was able to run with very little pain. It was great. There was still some, but so what? There's going to be pain during my tri's as well. Am I supposed to just say oh it hurts oh well? No! I am paying good money to achieve what I call infinity. Why would I give up just because of a little pain? Shooting, blinding pain? Yeah, that's going to sideline me during training. But not a dull ache. No way.

April. Stepping it up. Making sense of everything.


  1. Gosh I'm sorry you are going through this dental stuff, Brandon! From personal experience, it can be very painful! Hopefully soon it will all be just a fading bad memory for you, buddy!

  2. yeah, I have soft teeth which doesn't make life too easy, Dr. J. But I am doing the best I can with what I have. Speaking of, need some advice, will follow up in e-mail.