Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hello from Tucson

Hi everyone!

We're in Tucson getting a little R and R with T's family. Our purpose of the trip, aside from getting said R and R, was going to the Tri Sports store. Because let's face it, it was time to get a wetsuit for our triathlons this year.

We went to the store and were greeted by a nice lady and a douchy guy. The douchy guy worked with me (boo) and the nice lady worked with T. He found a wetsuit that fit my specifics and took me to the fitting room. I put it on (it was a large) but it kind of bunched in the knees. Nonetheless, I hopped into the endless pool that they have and gave it a go. It was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had in a pool! There were two mirrors on the bottom of the pool that let you see your form and experience. I really looked good! My form looked solid and I looked kind of sexy in the suit, not gonna lie.

But that suit was just a little too big, so nice lady helped me get a smaller size (douchy guy left). The new suit was a ML (medium large and it fit much better. Tight in the knees, solid in the chest, and felt really really good. I hit the endless pool again (yay!) and felt much better in it.

After we got our suits off, nice lady hung them up for us and we browsed the store. I ended up getting a race belt, some body glide, and some new gels. The best part of all this is because it is the store's birthday weekend, we got 20% off! I got all this for about $225!!!!

I'm so pumped up! More to come later tonight after dinner but for now, just saying hi to all of you.

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