Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Has Sprung ...

... in many ways.

First of all, happy belated Easter, everyone! Brandon and I had a great Easter including a double-up on workouts ... and I have PICTURES! ... but it's "late" and I have to be up ridiculously early so blog tomorrow.

In other random thoughts ...

* I think I like cold pools as opposed to warm ones. I know I bitched about the pool at 24 being 70 degrees ... but it was like 82 tonight and it SUCKED. After the first 100m, the cold's not so bad. The warm just sucks throughout the whole thing.

* Why is it so hard to force myself to lift? I LIKE lifting, I really do. I know I should and need to when training, especially in these early months to help build a solid base for my body/future training. It's just that ... I don't. Boo.

* TUCSON THIS WEEKEND! More importantly, TRI STORE this weekend! Brandon and I are planning on biting the bullet and getting wetsuits.

* USAT registration this week. MUST HAPPEN.

* I love my RoadID. I'm also beginning to love Brandon's Timex Ironman watch ... which disappoints me because I was hoping to hold out on getting a training watch. Now it's looking like I'll get one sooner rather than later.

* I need to sleep, so I'm shutting up now. Back again tomorrow (hopefully).


  1. Definitely agree about the cold pools. Although can I split the difference and opt for cool ones? ;)

  2. I really think around 75 is ideal...especially if you're outside and the sun is shining...then who cares!