Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hello from Tucson!

Hey everyone! This post is coming from Tucson, Ariz., where TBD is hanging out for an actual, real vacation for a change.

As with every vacation, working out has been a bit tricky, but this week hasn't been that bad so far.

Monday: swimming
Tuesday: Wii Fit aerobics/balance games (basically an off day)
Wednesday: swimming
Thursday: a lot of freaking driving. 12 hours of sitting in a car ... did try to keep stretching and stuff, but y'all know how road trips get.
Friday: short run. DEFINITELY not as long as either of us would have liked, but hey, we got out there.
Saturday (today): about 8 miles hiking in Sabino Canyon.

Today was also awesome for two other reasons:

One: We saw a few Ironmen (probably professionals) at the base of the canyon while waiting for the rest of our party. They were speaking French so they were either French or French-Canadian. We stared in awe and jealousy. However, we know that Tucson is prime training ground for pro triathletes so we weren't too surprised to see them there.

Two: We went to a super awesome tri store ... which was actually a minor reason for coming down here ... and we are now both the proud new owners of BlueSeventy wetsuits!

We've been thinking about investing in wetsuits for a while ... but didn't really want to do it back home in Colorado. Wetsuits are made to be worn in the water ... and most places aren't too cool with you buying something, trying it out, bringing it back saying, "oh, this didn't work so well" and trying to return it for something else., however, has an endless pool on site so you can try out the wetsuit right there in the water to see if it fits properly IN THE WATER, in the element you'll be wearing it in. So awesome.

We also picked up some more crap ... one of which is a tri book I've been hoping to read for a while. I'll have pictures later ... probably next week ... of Tucson, the hike and of the wetsuits.

Cross your fingers for us and pray that we're able to get in a good run tomorrow, mmkay? Thanks.

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