Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Happy Fun Time

Welcome all, to an Easter story. All times approximate.

7:15a - Attempt to wake up.

7:45a - Finally roll out of bed; pee, brush teeth, etc.

7:55a - Gather up clothes for Brandon

8:00a - Hop in car; drive to DIA

8:30a - Pick up Brandon from airport. Drive while he changes in the backseat.

8:50a - Exit E-470; head to Waffle House

9:10a - Consume fabulous, fabulous breakfast of hashbrowns, eggs, bacon and toast.

9:15a - Head to Starbucks.

9:30a - Arrive at Starbucks, annoy coworkers, eat blueberry waffles and drink coffee.

9:45a - Leave.

10:00a - Get home; search for Easter baskets.

With my basket!

Brandon with his basket ... and his best Steve in a Speedo impression. ;)

10:20a - Munch on some candy (mmmm, candy) and laze around for a little bit.

11:30a - Change into cycling stuff; pack up the car.

12:00p - Drop Brandon and bikes off at Platte trail entrance. Drive car to stupid far lot; hike back to trail, get shoes changed, etc.

12:15p - Get on trail. SPEED down to Hudson Gardens.

12:30p - Chill.
4.4 Ride
Brandon taking a breather.

4.4 Ride
Helping my lungs out. Still a bit cold for them ... and see the gorgeous jacket? That was a Christmas present from Brandon's parents. :)

12:45p - Realize that Brandon's iPod may still be back at the trailhead where we were getting ready. Hop on bikes and SPEED back.

1:00p - Do first check for iPod and see nothing. Brandon gets (understandably) upset and starts berating himself. I get mad and yell at him that he can just bike home.

1:07p - Do one last check and THANKFULLY!!!!! find said iPod ... some kind soul took it off the hood of the car he left it on and stuck it in the door handle where it was much less conspicuous. Say a silent prayer that there are still good people left in this world.

1:10p - Still cranky, stalk off back towards car which seems much further away, carrying bike so it doesn't get thorns or whatever in the tires from the dirt trail ... getting bruises on arm that are found a day later.

1:15p - Get back to car and realize that average cadence (91) and average speed (about 17mph) are AWESOME and much better than expected ... even on a fairly short ride (just under 7mi).

2:00p - Go to Einstein's and split a chicken bacon swiss sandwich on a bagel for lunch.

2:20p - Get back home. Unload bikes. Proceed to somehow hit bike into flip-flopped toe while taking it out of the back of the Rav. Break toenail.

2:30p - Start soaking feet in preparation for toenail surgery.

Dead Toenail.
Pre-toenail chopping.

Dead Toenail
Post-toenail chopping.

2:45p - Hang for a few minutes, updating workout logs (paper, Voomaxer) ... eat more chocolate.

3:30p - Force ourselves to get ready to run.

3:50p - Start 4.12mi run. Deal with warmer weather and crappy, miserable hills. Walk some up last stupid hill.

4:35p - Finally end run. Feel awful, but glad we did a longer run at the same time.


After that ... I don't remember the day's timeline. I do remember going to dinner at Mimi's Cafe (chicken and fruit ... mmmmmm ...) and finally getting to wonderful, wonderful bed. All in all, though, definitely one of the better workout days this year. :)

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