Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Finding Infinity

You're probably wondering...gahhh? Infinity?

You see, it's from a song I listen to...pretty much religiously. You may have heard of's by Guru Josh Project and it's called...Infinity. I had heard this song in the past, but after watching the YouTube video of the 2008 Ironman coverage, it has become "my" song, if you will.

Watch the video. There's some pretty poignant moments in it. The cannon going off and the swim starting, Chris McCormack receiving a hug from his wife after his day is done due to a snapped bike cable, and Craig Alexander coming in to the finish and his wife and daughter hugging him after he crosses the line (I really like his wife's skirt). But the most meaningful moment is at 6:34 of the video. Chrissie Wellington is coming in for her 2nd consecutive year in 1st place. Watch the guy behind her. He points at her, as if to say, don't focus on me, focus on her.

So why am I bringing up Infinity? The best definition that I can find of the word is that it means no end. And I think of my training as infinity. It has no end. Yesterday, T and I crossed 6 miles for the first time all season. To think that last year, I don't think either of us hit 6 miles in our training. Think about that for a second.

I am striving to do the best job that I can. It's tough. It's hard. And it is requiring me to dig deep within my mental capacity to find something that is there. I'm leaning on all of you, my readers, for support. I'm leaning on the other team member of Team Baby Dinosaur. And I'm finding my infinity.

Go find yours.


  1. What an uplifting post! Infinity is a great analogy to fitness because we really are never done achieving our goals.