Friday, April 2, 2010

March Round-Up

Almost late here, but I'm joining the party with my March recap.

March started out great. March started out wonderfully. I put in my longest week of mileage yet running (11 miles!), I dragged out the bike for the first time this year and I even swam.

And then the month started slipping. I played hockey for the first time in forever which was great. It also made me hurt in places I forgot existed so I kind of took a day or two off to recover. And then the Final Five trip to Minnesota happened and before I knew it ... the month was pretty much gone. 31 days in March and 16 of them were off days. That wouldn't be so bad except those off days came in a few giant clumps.

Now, the numbers:

Running: 25.91 miles (average went up about three seconds/mile)
Swimming: 2.11 miles (average went up like thirty seconds/mile)(3400m)(also had 400m of extraneous warm-ups/drills)
Cycling: 4.07 miles (just once; on the real bike)
Lifting: EPIC FAIL
Other: one night of hockey; one night of yoga

As you can probably imagine ... I'm glad March is done with. April's been tough already with the stupid winds and stupid freezing pool at 24 (70! degrees!), but I've swam once and toughed out a run. I was exhausted today (was having issues staying vertical) but said to myself, "Damnit T, you're running. And you're running three miles." So Brandon and I went. He said I looked like I was running with a purpose and, in some senses, I was.

First race is at the end of this month. It's go time.

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