Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Race of the Season Recap

I know, I should have gotten to this earlier, but between preparing for a new job and wrapping up everything with the old job, it's kind of gotten pushed by the we go.

Woke up that morning feeling pretty good. We dressed a little warmer because it was supposed to be only in the 40's by the time we were running that morning. Due to us running a little late, I ate my egg/raisin toast concoction in the car.

We got to Cherry Creek really early because we wanted to find good parking. We did just that and ventured over to a Starbucks, hoping to get some oatmeal and Vivannos. Finding none because the first Starbucks was stupid, we walked to another one, where we stocked up on what we needed. I also bought a newspaper to browse while we were killing time.

After we ate, we went back to the car and got into our running stuff. I wore my running shorts, my long sleeve running shirt, and my race belt. We then walked back to the race course where we could observe the leaders of the 5K coming in.

Then it was time for us to line up. Let me tell you something about longer distances. The people are a lot more intense. My lord. These people were not just "hehehehe, I'm running, yay!" These people are more focused and more determined. It kind of goes against everything that I have seen pre-race (sans the tri last year, of course).

We listened to the national anthem and then we were off. As usual, it was a cattle car for the first 1/2 mile. Jockeying for position, T and I didn't lose each other and settled into a nice groove. At the first mile, we were about a 10:40 pace. I asked her if she was doing good and she was. We kind of picked it up in the 2nd mile for a 10:35 pace. In the 3rd mile, it started warming up pretty good and the running traffic thinned out a bit. I definitely was holding up well and was just enjoying myself at that point.

Just before the 4th mile marker, T and I decided to hit the water station. Me, being both thirsty and needing to cool off, damn near sprinted to the tables to get some. T tried to keep up with me but was not able to. I slowed down after the water stop so she could catch up. I felt bad that I blazed ahead. We hung together until the final turn, where I sprinted ahead towards the finish. And I finished well. 51:23 for a 10:16 pace. I know I could have done better which is even more satisfying, but since T and I like running the Sneak together, no worries.

No muscle soreness, no knee pain. Next up: Bolder Boulder.

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