Sunday, March 31, 2013

Week Thirteen: 3/25-3/31

Planned a huge week and I almost stuck to the plan completely ...

Monday, March 25: Off: planned; other
- Planned out the workouts for the week and kept today off - partially to recover from last week and partially because I am exhausted. When I smack my head into the garage door inadvertantly, I know I need to not work out.

Tuesday, March 26: Run: 3.48 mi in 33:21.88 - 9:35/mi
- Dayton addition
- didn't warm up, but neither did I eat - hadn't eaten in ~ 4 hrs
- ankles a bit sore - due to heels last night?
- Strangely speedy run for me ... especially after an off-day. Did the lack of nutrition (strangely enough) help? Oh training, just when I think I may have something figured out ... nope! Keeps me on my toes ...

Wednesday, March 27: Bike: 17.24 mi in 1:00:41; avg cad 84; 17.05 mph
- 36.9 mph max
- Spinervals 29.0; Dropping the Hammer
- kind of enjoyed this one ... except for the squats and stand-up sprints
Swim: 1200m in 26:56.71 - 2:15/100m
- 100m, 200m, 300m, 300m, 200m, 100m
- this felt ... not fast, not slow ... just, almost dare i say smooth?
- 171! Woo! Big day and I am now exhausted. But no rest for the weary ... or until next week. Good stuff planned the rest of this week ...

Thursday, March 28: Run: 4.53 mi in 41:16 - 9:06/mi
- MX12 Treadmill set
- totally needed to poop
- may need to move to intermediate
Lift: 15:00
- 3/10/50 low rows; 3/10/70 leg curls; 3/10/10 back extensions; 3/10 bosu squats; 3/10/5 bosu lat db raises; 3/15/10 med ball twists
- quick and dirty; nothing fancy
- Since my plan is to essentially make this a cardio-heavy week, I went light on strength. Have done a lot so far this week and feeling good!

Friday, March 29: Bike: 18.98 mi in 1:15:02; avg cad 77; 15.18 mph
- 28.3 mph max
- CC trail to Cherry and back
- hills, they kill
- cadence-focused
- Ride went fairly well and still can't breathe up sustained climbs - very week on hills - but I now I have something to work on. Had an optional swim schedule as well ... but kept it optional due to being quite tired.

Saturday, March 30: Run: 6 mi in 57:46.70 - 9:37/mi
- RunCO waffle run!
- walked hills; legs writing checks lungs couldn't cash
Lift: 12:00
- 3/10 tricep dips; 3/10/5 front db raises; 3/10/8 bent over rows; 3/10/8 bicep curls; 3/10 squats; 3/40 bicycles
- kinda half-assed
- The run today? Where the f did that come from? MX12 treadmill set for the win. Wanted to scrap the lift but didn't - one thing to remember for later: heavier lifting in lighter cardio weeks. Just get it in.

Sunday, March 31: Bike: 7.56 mi in 35:29; avg cad 83; 13.55 mph
- 27.3 mph max; 162 max cad
- Spinervals 23.0 Time Saver I: workout A: technique
- tried outside, legs (hammys) said no
Swim: 900m in 19:45.15 - 2:11/100m
- 4x50m, 3x100m, 2x200m
- wanted to do more but nothing left in the tank
- I purposefully scheduled a tough week for myself - partly because I knew I needed a kick in the ass and partly because I wanted to see if I could handle it ... and I almost did. I'll consider it a success.

The missed workouts? An optional 800m swim on Friday; I hoped for at least 15 miles today and 2100m in the pool, but 7.56 and 900 work for me. I'm tired, and very much looking forward to my off day tomorrow.

Weekly training time: 6:15:19
Weekly training mileage: 59.10 mi
Yearly training time: 45:18:51
Yearly training mileage: 312.24 mi

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