Saturday, March 2, 2013

February Round-Up

This February might be my biggest February ever ... which isn't that surprising due to base-building, but it's kind of awesome.


Running: 23.68 mi
Swimming: 6400m (4 mi)
Cycling: 80.15 mi
Lifting: 6 sessions
Other: nada

Running picked up quite nicely from January, but I know I still need to run more. I also need to start running longer (didn't run longer than 4 miles in Feb). The issue with running right now is I just don't feel spry. I feel like my legs are heavy half the time. Part of it may be due to the volume, but I'm almost tempted to go back into my hockey training and start doing some plyometrics ... even though endurance athletes tend not to do such things.

Swimming is coming along. I'm not getting all that much faster, but for right now, if I can stay under a 2:20/100m (YES I'M SLOW), I'll be happy. Obviously I'd like that to shrink and shrink quite a bit, but I think it will once I start putting in more mileage.

Cycling ... oh, cycling. The miles are getting in slowly despite the speed being nowhere near it needs to be (something again I'm hoping will come with mileage ... and horrible workouts). More mileage in March is going to be tricky because, as you've noticed in my weekly recaps, the bike just isn't comfortable right now. That being said, I know I'm getting a new bike this Spring - the question is just when - and all I need to do is hold out until then.

Lifting was a disappointment this month. Didn't lift nearly as much as I should have. That ended up being the thing that got cut some weeks ... which I don't necessarily think is smart during base-building. Part of this may be because I'm getting very bored with the Mark Allen lifting plan, but eh. We'll continue to slog on through.

There were no "other" workouts this month and that, I think, actually sucks. I think we need to add in a bit of variety now and then so we don't get burned out too early ... if there is nothing in the "other" category in the March round-up, please feel free to chastise us.

All in all, a pretty good month for being a short one. Here's to March (and hopefully some rides outside)!

EDITED: Playing with numbers and calendars on BeginnerTriathlete, I found the following:
- I had higher running numbers this month than I did in six of the months last year;
- I had higher cycling totals this month than I did in nine of the months last year and;
- I had higher swimming totals this month than I did in nine of the months last year.
Holy. Eff.

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