Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Week Nine: 2/25-3/3

Nice big week after week eight's down numbers.

Monday, February 25: Bike: 20.49 mi in 1:25:03; 85 avg cad; 14.46 mph
- 25.5 mph max
- Spinervals 16.0 - Aero Base Builder
- this broke me. broke down crying.
- ladybits hurt badly.
- high cadence work? killer over sustained periods
- This workout broke me and broke me down. While the saddle tweak I made last week helped, it helps for about 50 min - then the pain sets in. I have a few other theories I'm going to test out, but this might make cycling a struggle until we get new bikes. Also, any sustained efforts of a +100rpm are extremely difficult for me and I don't know why.

Tuesday, February 26: Swim: 1200m in 27:53.69 - 2:19/100m
- 100m, 1000m, 100m
- hot damn long swim
- not much icky feeling which is good. also no side stitches (well, not really)
Lift: 42:00; Mark Allen phase two
- 2/12/50 lat pulldowns; 2/12/60 leg extensions; 2/12/65 leg curls; 2/12/45 bench press; 2/12 squats; 2/12/5 lat db raises; 2/12/15 calf raises; 2/12/5 db pullovers; 2/12 backward lunges; 2/12/20 bicep curls; 2/12/8 tricep extensions 2/12/130 leg press
- ugh, a little sore doing this
- little bored with this ...
- 172 on the weigh-in - stagnated a little. Possibly a plateau there. Swim went really well, considering. Still 2 min slower than the hubster though. Grr. Kind of wish we weren't doing Mark Allen - liiiiittle bored with it ...

Wednesday, February 27: Run: 2.39 mi in 26:43.56 - 11:11/mi
- neighborhood loop
- chilly!
- enjoyable, but the legs never felt spry ...
- My peanut butter bread did not sit well in my belly. Ugh. This run, while in the surface appears crappy, was actually enjoyable. Would have been more so if the legs ever got going ... ACHY today.

Thursday, February 28: Off: prudence
- Today was open #2 of 3 and I didn't want to be completely useless tomorrow, so I chose today as my rest day.

Friday, March 1: Swim: 800m in 18:25.50 - 2:17/100m
- 100m, 300m, 300m, 100m
- unremarkable
- did "tri practice" for 25m
- Was hoping to do the MX12 treadmill set today, but that wasn't going to happen. Still 172, and I think it's due to hormones. Damn being a female and doodle week.

Saturday, March 2: Run: 4 mi in 40:48.54 - 10:11/mi
- BRC-DTC run
- first 2 in 18:05; 3 in 30: ... stupid hills
- in new shoes - Saucony Triumphs
Lift: 8:00; core only
- 3/10 supermans; 3/15 crunches; 3/45 bicycles; 1/6/5 turkish get-ups
- stopped during that last set due to pukey - dinner too fresh
- Legs felt super heavy on last half of run - aaall uphill. No walking on 1st half, though! Running needs a breakthrough ... which will hopefully come with more mileage.

Sunday, March 3: Cycle: 10.69 mi in 42:12; avg cad 79; 15.2 mph
- 30.5 mph max
- CCSP and back
- definitely starting to feel stronger
- Was hoping to lift too, but totally ran out of gas. Still, glorious to get outside on the bike. Fell over like a rookie, though. Ouchy bruises.

Back at it like a pro this week. Well, kinda. About back to where I was two weeks ago in terms of time, so yay for that.

Weekly training time: 4:51:06
Weekly training mileage: 38.81 mi
Yearly training time: 27:13:42
Yearly training mileage: 173.94 mi

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