Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Round-Up

If you've been following along with my weekly updates, you know that I kind of kicked a little ass in March. I had some huge numbers and am very happy with that. I'm feeling leaner, my pants are fitting better, I think I'm looking better and, most importantly, I'm getting faster.


Running: 43.99 mi
Swimming: 8600m (5.3 mi)
Cycling: 103.14 mi
Lifting: 7 sessions
Other: 25 minutes of dancing

Running has gone very well recently. I thank the MX12 treadmill set for a lot of that, as well as just putting in the damn miles. I ran more in this month than I did in ANY month of last year (which says a lot about how last year went).

Swimming is getting there. I'm slowly getting stronger and swimming longer distances. I know that to get better here, I just have to put in the mileage, so I am.

Cycling is off and on. NEW BIKE SOON AND I CAN'T WAIT. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Lifting ... isn't great, but it's fairly steady and I'm glad I'm sticking with it.

And while I didn't do much outside of tri-related activities, I did do a bit of Irish dancing to try to win my weight in beer (which I didn't, but I got in the finals). Better than nothing, I guess.

I've had steady growth so far ... and I have one more true full month of base-building left. Let's see what I can continue to do ...

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