Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Last week's recap

Good morning TBD readers!

Last week was another good week.  Despite being slightly beat up from a challenging previous week, I was able to have a strong week.  I only swam once which didn't thrill me, and I will correct that this week.

Here's the numbers:

- 800 meters of swimming (16:51)
- 20.3 miles of cycling (1:25:36)
- 7.82 miles of running (1:24:10)
- 1 hour of strength training

So overall, not too shabby for base building.  Along the way, a switch has been flipped in my brain too.  Suddenly I'm craving working out.  It's no longer a chore.  It's something I am enjoying.  I am also starting to see gains which is highly rewarding.

Look for a good week from me this week too. :-)

1 comment:

  1. It must be hill country where you are training by those times. Except for the swimming ;-)

    Although I imagine you have some great waterfalls in your area..don't even think about it :-)