Monday, March 18, 2013

Week Eleven: 3/11-3/17

Not the best week ...

Monday, March 11: Off: rest
- Not necessarily scheduled, but it worked out well with work and dinner plans. No guilt.

Tuesday, March 12: Run: 2.9 mi in 28:12.95 - 9:43/mi
- Run CO Irish run
- legs felt leaden - maybe too compressed due to outfit
- Surprised at the speed I saw on my watch because I felt like crap on this run. Haven't felt right since Sunday. Need something to clear out or ... something ...

Wednesday, March 13: Bike: 11.44 mi in 43:24; 0 cad, 15.82 mph
- 20.3 mph max
- Platte trail
- heavy legs, newly tuned bike felt weird, couldn't get cadence to register
Lift: 21:00
- 3/:30 wall sits; 3/10/8 calf raises; 3/:30 butt bridges; 3/10 supermans; 3/10 chair dips; 3/10/5 lat db raises; 3/10/8 bicep curls; 3/10 push-ups; 3/12 crunches; 3/40 bicycles
- room lift instead of gym, but glad I did it
- Ride was not happy. Very big struggle for some reason. Legs do not like me. Lift was a bit forced, but I'm really happy I got it in. I need all the help I can get right now ...

Thursday, March 14: Swim: 1600m in 37:26.53 - 2:20/100m
- 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m
- 1st 100m painful; ickiness went in waves
- Had every intention (wow, I start off like that way too much ...) of doing a treadmill workout too, but we were exhausted.

Friday, March 15: Off: exhausted/time
- Had something written down, but I remembered - got off work, fixed cadence meter and then really didn't have a lot of time before we had to go to DU/CC. That, coupled with work tiredness made me skip the day, unfortunately.

Saturday, March 16: Run: 4mi in 40:03.27 - 10:00/mi
- Run CO Saturday AM run
- with mrrmrr!
- Hadn't done this route in a while. Hoped to do a second workout too, but no dice. Plus, my haircut and then lunch and suddenly half the day was gone. Made me thankful I got in the run.

Sunday, March 17: Off: drunk
- Bad day at work, but still hoped to go to the gym - and maybe between shifts if it was going to come down to that. However, needed to talk to manager in person to get things sorted ... and I/we ended up drinking and celebrating the day to the point that after we sobered up and ate dinner, it was essentially bedtime.

I don't even know with this week. I didn't have it in the beginning of the week and then I feel I have too many excuses written down. Hopefully it was just an anomaly ...

Weekly training time: 2:40:07
Weekly training mileage: 19.34 mi
Yearly training time: 34:09:38
Yearly training mileage: 215.40 mi

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