Friday, March 1, 2013

February Recap

February was a pretty good month, all things considered.

I took a few more off days then I would have liked, but when you take a look at the reasons, they actually make good sense.  What I am trying to build right now is not only consistency, but a gradual build of 3 weeks on and 1 week easy.  It's not easy and sometimes my body rebels at what I'm doing, but I think I'm really starting to get used to this.

So anyway, here's the numbers:

Swim - 5750 meters or 3.57 miles
Bike - 83.42 miles
Run - 21.26 miles
Strength training - 3:10

What is good to note here is that I am seeing more consistency in most avenues of training right now.  Especially on the bike.  Each time I hop on I feel like the DVD's are a bit easier.  I'm also noticing muscles popping in interesting places, such as the shoulders.  My running is the one thing I'd like to get more consistent.  I'm hoping that with warmer weather in March I'll want to get outside and run more.  Or fly more, which forces me to run. :-)

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