Monday, February 4, 2013

Week Five: 1/28-2/3

Another week, another week of growth.

Monday, January 28: Lift: 22:00
- 3/10/10 back extensions; 3/10 captain's chair; 3/15/10 med ball twists; 3/20 swiss ball crunches; 3/10/6 bosu medicine ball tosses; 3/40 bicycles
- back extensions? hurt.
- Essentially an off day with how little I did, but I needed to do this. It was a struggle to get out the door, but once at the gym, I was really happy I was there. Definitely need to add in more core work on a regular basis.

Tuesday, January 29: Off
- Just didn't feel right all day. Brandon insisted I take the day off and after much grumbling ... I did. I felt mostly fine, but I think I still have just enough edge of sickness in me to be annoying. Waking up in the middle of the night never helps either ...

Wednesday, January 30: Lift: 37:00, Mark Allen phase two
- 2/12/60 lat pulldowns; 2/12/60 leg extensions; 2/12/60 leg curls; 2/12/45 bench press; 2/12 squats; 2/12/5 lat db raises; 2/12/15 calf raises; 2/12/5 db pullovers; 2/12 backward lunges; 2/12/20 bicep curls; 2/12/8 tricep extensions; 2/12/130 leg press
- felt pretty good
Bike: 6.85 mi in 32:54; avg cad 81, 12.49 mph
- 24.1 mph max, 168 max cad
- 23.0 Time Saver I; workout A: technique
- legs felt AWESOME
- Had every intention of waking up early to swim this morning, but I could not force myself out of bed. But, all turned out okay because I pulled out the double today. Was super surprised at how awesome my legs felt. Great day!

Thursday, January 31: Off
- I really don't know what happened today. I had the time, I just had absolutely no energy whatsoever. So, I did the prudent thing and rested. No regrets. Plus, working out would have felt like a chore and I'm not cool with that right now.

Friday, February 1: Swim: 1200m in 28:45.52 - 2:23/100m
- 100 wu, 200 pb, 200 fins, 600m, 100 cd
- longest continuous swim set for me since August
- 1st time with "toys" since ... March?
Run: 4.26 mi in 40:00 - 9:23/mi
- MX12 treadmill set
- 1st two easy, third okay ... 4th felt like vomit
- Once again, I learned that Taco Bell is okay for me ... as long as I don't have the soda. I think yesterday's rest did me a world of good because today may be my best training day of the year thus far.

Saturday, February 2: Bike: 9.53 mi in 38:09; avg cad 88, 14.09 mph
- 34.8 mph max
- MX12 over unders set
- LOVED this set
- Was going to Coach Troy it, but am kinda sick of him (it's true). Figured since I paid for the MX12 sessions, I may as well use them. Chose a shorter one. Loved it. Will definitely do this again. Makes me excited to try the other trainer sessions!

Sunday, February 3: Run: 3.48 mi in 34:04.45 - 9:47/mi
- dayton addition
- felt good!
- Was hoping to lift as well, but with the Super Bowl and everything, didn't really happen. Still, a very satisfying run. Always have a fast run after that treadmill set.

Even though this week had two (essentially three) off days, the four days I got in solid workouts were AWESOME days. This was a fantastic early season week of training and I will draw on this week when training will undoubtedly get shitty.

Weekly training time: 3:52:53
Weekly training mileage: 24.87 mi
Yearly training time: 12:24:04
Yearly training mileage: 68.96 mi

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