Friday, January 30, 2015

Yay, Skratch Loves Us Too!

So the official word came down over the wire this week for both of us ... We are also official Skratch Labs Taste Agents!

 photo skratch_zps4f8202dc.jpg
If this came down the line, I had the cheesiest idea for this post ... and since I don't have Photoshop on the lappy (... not like I remember how to use it from that one week or so on it in cs101 in college ...) ... you see my mad MS Paint skillz.

 photo skratch_ron_zps0b7ba0da.jpg
Anchorman, I didn't like you all *that* much, but sometimes, your quotes come in handy ...

Even happier is that Skratch came out with COOKIE MIX and our friend Nic (who, weirdly enough, works there now) is bringing me some! COOKIES! 

(blog post so titled because I mentioned Skratch in a "things I love" post last year.)

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