Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January Round-Up

Biennial death plague has been trying to wipe me out, so I completely spaced on this yesterday ... ugh.

January! January was a good start to the year I think. A lot of January was about getting back in motion and getting back used to working out again. Making it a habit and making it a priority. In that, I was highly successful - I didn't miss a day! Some days may have been walking only (I'm trying to track that this year), but I moved every single day.


Swimming: 11,600m (7.2 mi)
% to goal: 4.6%
Cycling: 157.95 mi
% to goal: 3.2%
Running: 13.49 mi
% to goal: 2.7%
Lifting: six sessions (3:47)
Other: three yoga sessions (:44), six walks (3 hours)

Those percentages may seem tiny now, but it's so early! We're in the short days, the cold dreary trainer days, the sick days. As the sun comes out of hiding, so will we and I know the miles will continue to rack up.

We also made hydration a focus in January, working on drinking a lot of water. The focus was mostly successful, although we did learn that we need to supplement the water with some electrolytes too, particularly if we're going to be sweating. 

We'll keep on powering through February with the activity (taking a day to go skiing! and hopefully go snowshoe, too), and our food goal is to avoid fried foods. Specifically deep-fried foods. My morning fried egg is an exception to this rule. Little changes each month that will become habit as the days, weeks, months and year go by.

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