Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Awesome is Exhausting

I had planned on writing a different post today. In my brain-dead state yesterday in which I could barely function at work and somehow made it through a training session with Richard, I spent more time than I have lately sitting in front of my laptop reading random stuff. I mostly read a blog that I stumble my way toward every now and then (and should really put on the blogroll) - Run This Amazing Day. Katie's posted some stuff on there that really got me thinking about this year, and my goals, and I really wanted to talk about that. But there's time for that. There's more going on with me today, and I should focus on today, first.

If there's one thing I've learned so far in this young year, it's that being awesome is exhausting.

To elaborate on that point, I've learned that one's body settles into a routine relatively quickly. Early bed times? Better food? Give me that ALL of the time. Get out of it for a night? You're screwed, baby.

I've been making daily to-do lists in the notes function of my phone this year. I work so much better with to-do lists and have been trying to go paperless with them ... partially because on my phone means I will always have said list with me to focus on. Monday's to-do list was fairly simple:
- work
- cottage cheese and pears snack
- publish tbd blog (i wrote monday's post sunday)
- trainer
- stock show!

We had tickets to the National Western Stock Show and, more specifically, for the Pro Bull Riding event that night. Work was early - 4:15am, as usual - and then I ended up having a very late night. We got back to the car about ... 9:30ish - well past my bedtime. I probably actually crawled in bed around 10 and didn't fall asleep until probably after 10:30pm ... at least a good hour and a half after I've been falling asleep lately (or more! Been trying to be in bed prior to 9).

As a result, I was an utter disaster on Tuesday. I woke up maybe 13 minutes before I had to be at work (4:15 again), giving me enough time to get dressed, give my teeth the crappiest brush job ever, snag my lunch out of the fridge and get to work on time.

At work, I was fumbling everything. I dropped a whole container of mocha on the ground, getting it all over the floor, all over the ceiling, all over the walls, partially over some of my coworkers and all over me - in my hair, in my ears, in my eyes, up my nose, all over my legs. I had a caramel bottle explode on me, getting all over the counter and dripping down my mocha-covered leg. Counting money was a disaster. I about broke down and cried on the floor, it was that bad.

I got home, curled up next to Brandon for about an hour, ate a snack and somehow got through our training session. We got home and all I wanted was to do nothing. I made breakfast for dinner - pancakes! ... which tasted like crap, played on the internet, and went to bed. I skipped my planned trainer ride partially because I was in the process of cleaning all my bike shorts that fit right now and partially because I was just too damn tired.

I fell asleep around 8:30 and proceeded to sleep in until about 8 this morning. I've already been on the trainer - moved yesterday's session to today - and my legs felt like shit. I still feel like crap - the less-than-ideal and extremely carb-heavy dinner last night I'm sure is a part of the why.

I also haven't taken a day off yet this year and I feel that in my muscles. I feel it in the way I'm rambling right now. I feel it in the way that I can't get enough water and I can't get enough sleep.

Being awesome? Is terribly exhausting. But I believe it's worth it, so I'm going to keep at it.

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