Friday, March 23, 2012

Silly Challenges

Or, alternatively, #30for30 update.

I know my off day on the 11th was a worthy use of my sole off day this month and 99% of me doesn't regret it.

The other 1% does because it wishes I could have used it today.

But first, let's pick up where we left off last time ...

March 12: Run - 3:48 mi in 34:35.29
March 13: Lift - 26:00; Yoga - 8:17.14 (with a 30 minute walk to/from grocery store)
March 14: Cycle - 8.55 mi in 54:33; Run - 1.05 mi in 10:06.74 (plus another 30:00 grocery round trip)
March 15: Cycle - 14.39 mi in 1:02:14
March 16: Swim - 550m in 11:31; Lift - 24:00
March 17: Run - 5.36 mi in 54:32.40
March 18: Swim - 2100m in 56:36.41
March 19: Yoga - 56:21.46
March 20: Swim - 900m in 23:20.87; Lift - 19:00
March 21: Cycle - trainer - 8.5 mi in 35:04
March 22: Run - 3.48 mi in 35:15.24
March 23: Lift - 30:00

As you can see by that last post (today), all I managed was a half hour of lifting, just barely getting in my 30 minutes. I was neglectful this week in both planning meals AND workouts (and it shows in my mood/motivation). I was aiming to either ride or swim/lift, ideally the latter. However, I forgot my gym bag at home when I went to work today and once I got home, my body had no intention of leaving the couch, due to the combined exhaustion of the week (partially the workouts; mostly work).

Yet I have this challenge that I'm doing. I didn't officially sign up for anything - I don't have to keep doing this, really. I only have the promise I made to myself to complete this challenge to kickstart my motivation. And that, for today, was enough to force myself to squeeze in a lift at home.

(side note: the 3/18 swim was EPIC for me. probably one of the longest swims i've ever done in training ... which is pretty sad if you think about the fact that i did a freaking 70.3 last year.)

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