Monday, March 5, 2012

Belated TriSports Visit Post

Back a few months ago, we got one of those Schwaggle deals for our favoritest tri dealer ever, Obviously we had to use it.

Given the state of my bike shoes, I used my deal on new bike shoes. Brandon did the same. However, we wanted to make sure that they fit properly so we double-checked with TriSports to see that if we bought them, could we bring them in/send them back if they didn't fit okay? Obviously, their answer was yes.

We got them in the mail and they seemed to fit alright, but still, we wanted to be 100% sure. That meant a quick jaunt to Tucson in late January/early February.

While the visit was too short to get any good working out in, it was long enough to spend a good chunk of time at the physical TriSports location and, in my case, spend about $230 (really more, but we had a gift certificate that we got for our wedding to use).

$230 well worth it, though. Just loooooooooook at the amount of stuff we got:

Tri Upgrades

What you see:

- A hat (for Brandon) and visor (for myself). We both love the Headsweats stuff and wanted to be able to show a little love for TriSports back here in Colorado.
- A new swimsuit for me. I have a long torso so one-piece suits don't work so well for me. Enter the TYR Laguna Seca workout bikini. Have used it quite a bit and love it.
- New BodyGlide for Brandon.
- The Shimano WT-52 tri shoe I had gotten earlier and apparently fit fine, but I did need new cleats, so I got those. Yay.
- Some crazy expensive Sidi shoes that Brandon got. His initial Pearl Izumi shoes didn't quite fit, so he was able to get the Sidis for a huge discount because they had a little scuff on the toe. Also seen: new cleats.
- A Giro Advantage 2 aero helmet. Totally on a random whim because it was marked down almost two-thirds in price - again, because of a scuff. This is for Brandon. He better use it in a race this year or I may kill him.
- Teeny tiny little electrolyte pill dispensers. Coulda gotten the SaltStick brand ones, but meh. These were cheaper.
- A pair of DeSoto 400 mile bike shorts for me (Brandon had already gotten himself a pair). While ridiculously expensive, Tom Demerly's post about them for TriSports University completely sold me on them. I haven't given them a test yet, but the hubby has and he loves them.
- Not pictured: a new seat bag for Melon (Brandon's bike).

In the back is one of two reusable bags we ended up getting from them to schlep all of said stuff in. Since the company is one of the greenest around, they don't give you plastic bags - oh no, you get probably the biggest reusable bag I've ever seen. It's already seen some use here at Casa Baby Dino.

Also awesome: Sitting on the counter by the cash registers is Leanda Cave's trophy from winning IMAZ:

Tucson Trip
Tucson Trip
"I have won Ironman Arizona. I will win Ironman Hawaii. - Leanda Cave"

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