Monday, March 12, 2012

30 in 30 Update

Thanks to the magic of Twitter (come follow us - @hockeyspiral23 and @bgeist111) and the wonder of TriSports, I found a new blog to follow. Elle and Webb on the blog roll - Those two are doing a 30 in 30 challenge for March - work out for at least 30 minutes for 30 days in March.

The smart ones out there will realize that March has 31 days which means those who decide to do the challenge get one off day. Given that I knew I needed to kick my ass in gear, I decided to do the challenge (Brandon is not joining me).

So far, it's been absolutely wonderful ... until yesterday, but I'll get there. Here's what I've done so far:

March 1: Run - 2.39 mi in 26:12 (only day just shy of 30 ... counting it though b/c I found out about the challenge that evening)
March 2: Cycle - trainer - 19.01 mi in 1:22:34
March 3: Run - 5 mi in 57:12.91, Lift - 27:00
March 4: Swim - 1700m in 43:01.53
March 5: Run - 3.48 mi in 35:16.03, Yoga - 17:26.01
March 6: Cycle - trainer - 6.18 mi in 32:59
March 7: Swim - 900m in 21:18.57, Lift - 22:00
March 8: Cycle - trainer - 8.89 mi in 34:30
March 9: Cycle - 6.87 mi in 28:35, Run - 2.39 mi in 25:03.06
March 10: Swim - 1500m in 36:53.26, Lift - 18:00
March 11: OFF

Not bad numbers and for the most part, it's felt easy to do.

Except for yesterday. Yesterday ... was not a good day. I was tired in the morning, totally wanting my extra hour of sleep. Work was crazy stressful and I was legit sweating by the time I went on my lunch (super late). I also REALLY wanted to hit up Air Force for game three of their semifinal playoff series because I haven't been down there to see a hockey game all season which meant I would have to leave the apartment no later than 5:30 ... and I got off work at 3. AND the apartment NEEDED to be cleaned and a full, no-nonsense-let's-scrub-this-joint cleaning takes 80-90 minutes.

Trying to fit the longish run in I had planned? Felt like a chore. Felt like more of a chore than cleaning the apartment would, and that's just not a good thing. So, I did what I thought was the smarter thing and took the day off. Right now, I don't want exercise and working out to feel like a chore. It's been like that way too much in the past and it hasn't at all this month even though I had worked out for 11 days straight (including a swim on 2/29).

This, of course, means that 3/12-31 are going to be workout days, but I'm totally okay with that. I've already got my week planned out and everything.

Speaking of which, I need to get my ass off the computer and go for a run.

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  1. I like it!! Your future performance will show that too!

    I think since I've worked out every day so far in March, I'm on schedule :-)