Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cheering at Chilly Cheeks: Part Two

Since I was pretty much out of commission all last week with shingles still (grrrrrr ...), I don't have a featured workout post, unfortunately.

However, last Saturday was the third in the Chilly Cheeks Duathlon series (remember?) and I went and cheered again (this time with Brandon). Jeanne didn't race, but Kristen and Jenna did.

Had I not gotten shingles, I may have actually raced this one. Weather was warm-ish ... but it was super windy by the time the race started, so who knows.

In any case, we had fun walking up to the park and cheering on all the athletes.

 photo ccdu7_zps9b66d35a.jpg
Kristen in the first wave of athletes.

 photo ccdu8_zps3727d6d1.jpg
And Kristen is off!

 photo ccdu9_zps11866e3a.jpg
Jenna waiting to start, rocking her new Hammer Nutrition kit.

 photo ccdu10_zpscf02b29d.jpg
Kristen coming back in off the bike, into a nasty headwind.

 photo ccdu11_zps3d969624.jpg
Jenna after hammering the bike leg.

 photo ccdu12_zps3131083f.jpg
Jenna starting the run leg.

 photo ccdu13_zpsd55a31e7.jpg
Brandon waiting at the finish line.

 photo ccdu14_zps43883d9d.jpg
Waiting at the finish.

 photo ccdu15_zps40da17ca.jpg
Jenna finishing.

 photo ccdu16_zps164dd01f.jpg
When your first thought is to collapse after crossing the finish line, you gave it your all.

 photo ccdu17_zps5e11d99c.jpg
Group shot! I look awkward because the herpes side is the side near Jenna - can't get too close. Hurts too much.

Chilly day, but a lot of fun. Hopefully next time I'm at a race it's to actually, y'know, race though ...

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