Monday, February 3, 2014

January Round-Up

Okay, we're a few days into February and since this weekend was kind of odd given the Super Bowl (#FailuresInOrange #UnitedInMisery)(yes I'm a Broncos fan) ... I'm copping out on the Monday post and doing my monthly round-up. No, I don't particularly care.

Anyway. January's numbers:

Running: 15.47 mi
Swimming: 5900m (3.67 mi)
Cycling: 65.22 mi
Lifting: five sessions (1h55)
Other: six stretch sessions (1h10), two walks (55min), ice skating (45min)

Nothing earth shattering, but I'm getting back into the groove of things.

Speaking of which ... let's do a goal check:

Did I hit January's goal of 10 minutes a day? No. I had three off days. All three were time management fails combined with exhaustion. Two of the three days were the last two days of the month. I got a bit beat up and my diet went to hell which obviously means no motivation. Sad, but unfortunately true.

That being said, the whole point of January's goal was to get back into the habit of working out, which I definitely am. I'm excited to move again. I'm also not going to beat myself up for an off day here or there. I probably should take more, but be smarter about taking them.

Did I do something not S/B/R related? Yes! I got back on ice skates and it was fabulous.

Am I strength training regularly? Yes! At least once a week right now. Ideally I'd like to do more, but if I have 52 sessions due to just one lift a week, it's still "regularly."

Am I injury-free? So far, so good. *crosses fingers*

February, I'm hoping for strength. I want to continue to build the base and add in a little intensity - some harder trainer sessions, for sure - but continue to do a bit more. I'm not necessarily going to care if I do something every day, but I'd like to at least do as much as I did, numbers-wise, in February if not quite a bit more.

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