Monday, January 20, 2014

Cheering at Chilly Cheeks

Quick note: Moving posting to Mondays and Wednesdays. Blog posts on the weekend are pointless; no one really sees them. So: Mondays will be the random post; Wednesdays will be the featured workout/race recap post. Monthly round-ups will occur as they do.

Now: on to today's point/post:

While I've been working out fairly steady, I'm not actually training for anything. I haven't signed up for anything yet - I'm just working on finding my legs again and losing some gained post-IM fluff.

This fact doesn't stop people from trying to make me sign up for winter races, like the Chilly Cheeks Duathlon series which Brandon and I did back a few years ago in the 2011-12 season. I have caved and said MAYBE to the February race (30/70 right now if I'll do it ... the 30% for). That all being said, I did decide to go and cheer as I knew a few people racing - Run CO friends Jeanne and Kristen and MX12 teammate Jenna.

I had a ton of fun, but it made me miss racing. I know I'm not ready (especially with my run!), but I can tell my brain and body want to get back into it!

Waiting to see everybody.

Jeanne starting the first bike leg. Also: if the bike looks familiar, it's because it's my old bike, Bob! He's undergone a transformation now, though, and is now known as Bert.

Kristen starting the first bike leg. She's the one who helped me with my flat at Boulder 70.3 and is doing her first 70.3 this year in Washington. Go Kristen!

Jenna coming back into trans after KILLING the first bike leg.

Jenna on the second run leg.

Jenna crossing the finish line - 20th overall, fifth female and second in her age group!

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