Monday, February 10, 2014

Things I Love: Body Glide


In this, the second installment of the "Things I Love" series, I give you ... Body Glide.

I don't talk about it often, but I have stupid feet. I have hereditary bunions - bad ones - on both feet. That, and an allergy to my own foot sweat (seriously, I know) means I tend to get blisters a lot - especially when running. Type of sock really doesn't matter - I get hotspots and blisters.

However, since discovering Body Glide a few years ago, my problems have been a lot less. I always take the few extra moments in transition to Body Glide my feet and I had all the above-pictured mini tubes of the stuff in all of my special needs bags at IMAZ.

I apply some to my feet every time I run and in certain spots under my race kit. I know there are other brands out there, but I've always had good luck with Body Glide.

REMINDER: I am not sponsored by Body Glide (though if they'd like to change that, I'm all ears. *wink*); I just use and love their product.

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