Saturday, February 8, 2014

Being an Inspiration

Recently, I've been in contact with a (former) crew scheduler at Republic named Brenton, who learned I did Ironman Arizona.  His intrigue about the event is refreshing and it gives me great pleasure to fill him in on the events that took place nearly 3 months ago.

I've never thought of myself as an inspiration.  I'm just me.  A regular butter/corn/milk drinking Midwestern boy.  Loyal to my Minnesota Vikings and the Minnesota State Fair, I'm a simple guy.  I am not used to the burden of being an inspiration; yet I'm also finding it to be refreshing and humbling.

So it got me to thinking: what inspires me?

I think the answer lies with guys like Brenton.  People who are impressed with what I've done and who I am.  People who are proud of me.  

I vow to continue doing good things, so that others may be inspired as well.

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