Monday, March 3, 2014

February Round-Up

Once again, copping out on the Monday blog with the monthly recap. However, I will have a fun Wednesday blog, so yay for that.

Explanations later. Now, numbers:

Running: 12.85 mi
Swimming: 1600m (1 mi)
Cycling: 8.81 mi
Lifting: five sessions (1h56)
Other: two walks (1h22), one day skiing (4h45)

Due to the shingles I got, February's goal of strength kind of fell by the wayside, unfortunately. Still, you gotta roll with what life gives you and I've been doing my best ... even though I'm still itchy with spots all over my side. Fading spots, but still.

Did I do something not S/B/R related? Yes! It took until the last day of February, but we went skiing and it was fabulous.

Am I strength-training regularly? Yes! Still averaging once a week.

Am I injury-free? ... shingles isn't technically an injury, so we'll say yes.

March isn't starting out super well (slight cold; I blame the husband), but we'll transfer February's goal of strength to March. I've got to get base-building again ... especially since two of those races on the tentative schedule are now official - the Dino Half-Marathon and Harvest Moon Long Course.

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