Thursday, April 25, 2013

Week Sixteen: 4/15-4/21

April needs to end. That is all.

Monday, April 15: Off: trip/work
- Trip prep after work and then a whole lot of driving leaves very little time for working out. Also: fuck you, Boston Marathon bombers.

Tuesday, April 16: Off: exhaustion
- We had grand schemes of swimming and lifting after TriSports and bike shopping ... but the extreme lack of sleep caught up with us and we crashed. Okay with it, ultimately, because NEW BIKES! And we pedaled quite a bit on them ... so it's not like we were completely slothful ...

Wednesday, April 17: Run: 3.1 mi in 29:43.12 - 9:35/mi
- Reid Park loop in Tucson!
- chillier than expected
Bike: 3.29 mi in 13:33; avg cad 67, 14.57 mph
- 22.9 mph max
- attempting to test out the new QRoo!
- Run was surprisingly wonderful. Not where we'd like a 5K to be, obviously, but sub-30:00 is still nice. Would have really loved to have gotten a better feel for the bikes, but with wind like that? Tricky.

Thursday, April 18: Off: driving
- 5am to midnight in a car leaves no time for getting in a workout, unfortunately.

Friday, April 19: Off: exhaustion
- After being in a car for so damn long and having to be up 3 hours after I went to bed to go to work leaves me with no energy to do anything but sleep and sleep a lot.

Saturday, April 20: Run: 2.39 mi in 23:48.24 - 9:57/mi
- neighborhood loop
- hoped for longer; legs/lungs said nope
- Legs felt very interesting on this run - worse than Wednesday under similar pre-conditions. Maybe the compression calf sleeves in the car ride down helped ...

Sunday, April 21: Bike: 15.85 mi in 57:49; avg cad 69, 16.45 mph
- max speed maybe 28.8 mph
- Cherry Creek trail
- cyclometer acting up re: speed
- Hoped to swim too, but didn't happen. Despite the bike technical difficulties, got a taste of how powerful the Dulce can be. Now, just to name cupcake ...

A road trip does not do well when it comes to working out ... which means it's probably good that our next long planned one is driving down to Tempe for IMAZ ... and we'll also probably take our sweet-ass time doing it so we can still get in a few taper-y workouts. This month is also a disaster in terms of my workouts, but I still feel fairly confident about the base I've built up so far and I still have about a month until official training starts. All I have to keep in mind is that next week is a new start, tomorrow is a new start, the next hour is a new start.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go ride my shiny new bicycle. :) (new post on that coming sooooooon)

Weekly training time: 2:03:53
Weekly training mileage: 24.63 mi
Yearly training time: 52:23:38
Yearly training mileage: 359.06 mi

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