Monday, April 29, 2013

Week Seventeen: 4/22-4/28

Better? Slightly? With setbacks.

Monday, April 22: Bike: 8.79 mi in 27:09; avg cad 87; 19.43 mph
- 27.2 mph max
- no DVD; just pedaling in front of the TV
- hoo ha a bit sore from yesterday
- Snow and gloomy makes me not want to train. But, since I know I need to, I decided on some unstructured time on the trainer.

Tuesday, April 23: Off: tired
- Stupid work being stupid for the third day in a row. I also am apparently keeping up my streak of not working out on Tuesdays this month.

Wednesday, April 24: Run: 3.95 mi in 35:39.40 - 9:01/mi
- amended out-and-back
- a little breezy
- lungs, once again, can't keep up with my legs ... dangit.
- Was hoping to do more (story of my life), but Brandon wasn't feeling well, so I decided to help him out instead. Still got a great run in, so no regrets.

Thursday, April 25: Bike: 21.01 mi in 1:15:14; avg cad ~75; 16.76 mph
- max speed maybe 21.1 mph
- Platte trail
- cyclometer ... may be dead :(
- I am pretty sure that is my fastest ever average on the Platte. Funny thing is, for most of it, it didn't even feel that difficult. New bike, I *heart* you.

Friday, April 26: Swim: 200m in 4:29.95 - 2:15/100m
- 2x100m
- ow that hurt
- I canNOT take extended time off swimming. That was awful. However, in other news, the cyclometer is NOT broken - just being stupid.

Saturday, April 27: Bike: 2.31 mi in 9:05; avg cad 76; 15.26 mph
- 34.3 mph max
- pedaling to Jeopardy
- I think my crotch is bruised ...
- Really wanted to get in a better ride, but way too painful. I think the indent of leg into nether regions is bruised because where it hits the saddle? OW.

Sunday, April 28: Run: Cherry Creek Sneak: 5K in 28:13 - 9:04(-07)/mi
- 1st race of the season
- 8:30 1st mile ... lungs fell apart
- Hoped to swim, but we forgot how much racing takes out of you - even if it is just a 5K.

Time- and mileage-wise, this was a better week. Bruising essentially my crotch sucks because I really want to ride. Swimming ... I don't even know what's going on with that and my strength work has gone down the tubes. The race, while not exactly the result I would have liked, is a positive for the glimpse of the possible.

Weekly training time: 2:59:50
Weekly training mileage: 39.29 mi
Yearly training time: 55:23:28
Yearly training mileage: 398.35 mi

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