Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week Fifteen: 4/8-4/14

Not good, again. My own fault though. Read on.

Monday, April 8: Swim: 900m in 20:37.10 - 2:17/100m
- 100m, 200m, 300m, 200m, 100m
- took a long while to get going
- could tell I didn't work my upper body a lot last week
- Started this week off on a good note. Going to work hard this week, but not crazy hard. Need to get back in the swing of things smartly.

Tuesday, April 9: Off: exhausted
- Was hoping to trainer, but got home from work and crashed. Understandable, given that it was my third open in a row.

Wednesday, April 10: Run: 4.44 mi in 40:35 - 9:08/mi
- MX12 treadmill set - beginner
- almost did intermediate - hopefully next week
- Was hoping to lift as well, but mrrmrr had treadmill issues so lifted without me ... therefore, I didn't want to make him wait. Should have, in retrospect.

Thursday, April 11: Swim: 200m in 4:28.59 - 2:14/100m
- 2x100m
- yucky-tasting pool water
- We totally have vacation brain. Also, it's weird - I can be in open water that tastes funky and I don't care ... because it's unpredictable open water. But pool water that tastes off? No can do.

Friday, April 12: Off: vacation brain
- I am getting a new bike in less than a week and going to Tucson and it is hard to focus on anything else. Screw you Bob. I am so done with you.

Saturday, April 13: Lift: 45:00
- 3/10/10 back extensions; 3/10/140 w.a. dips; 3/10/60 lat pulldowns; 3/10/50, 60, 60 low rows; 3/10/10 bicep curls; 3/10/90 angled leg press; 3/10/10, 12, 12 incline db flies; 3/15/16 med ball twists; 3/10/6 med ball bosu tosses
- been way too long since I've lifted
- All this did was to remind me that I have failed in strength training. I know better. The iron keeps me honest ... dangit.

Sunday, April 14: Run: 5.36 mi in 54:32.34 - 10:10/mi
- Orchard loop
- would have been better had it not been for the stupid wind. I hate wind.
- Good run to end the week on. Pseudo-salvaged the week. Can't wait for next week, as it's a new start and I think a new bike will bring fabulous new motivation.

What I said Monday? Ha, right. It was a slightly better week in terms of time, but other than that? Crap. A second straight week I haven't gotten on my bike and it's because my new wheels are so close I can taste them (TUESDAY!). I shouldn't use that as an excuse, but I can't help it. I'm just thankful that my running is at least still continuing to go well.

Weekly training time: 2:45:13
Weekly training mileage: 10.48 mi
Yearly training time: 50:31:45
Yearly training mileage: 334.43 mi

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