Monday, October 22, 2012

Car Accident

Yesterday, on our way to a bar to watch the Vikings game (sounds like a bad joke, right?) we got rear-ended at a red light.

T's car is pretty broken, but thankfully her and I are ok.  A bit stiff but otherwise no neck injuries or anything like that.  

For being hit at nearly 30 mph, walking away with no injuries is pretty significant.  Furthermore, her Toyota Rav 4 suffered some damage but I think it's going to be okay.  And thankfully, the other guy is okay too.  Although he was really shaken up; literally, his hands were shaking to the point he dropped his paperwork.  We assured him that things were going to be okay and that we were fine.  No use yelling at the guy.

Bottom line is, this blog isn't just about our fitness.  It's about life.  Make sure to wear your seatbelts.  Take care of yourself.  And don't take things for granted.

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