Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Politics and the Boston Marathon

I've contemplated the idea of Boston being a qualifying-only marathon on here before. Obviously, it's a touchy subject for a lot of people; Runners World even ran an article on it. I've been struggling how to phrase my feelings on it, but thanks to our moronic politicans in Washington over the past couple weeks, I think I got it.

You all know I try to avoid politics on this, but like I said, a lightbulb went off in my head.

Most of you probably realize I lean to the right when it comes to politics. I believe in the freedoms the constitution guarantees us, including firm support of the 2nd Amendment. I also believe in small government; allow people to make decisions for themselves and run their own lives. I support many good environmental practices but feel that in no way should the environment be a political issue.

Anyway, back to the topic here. People think Boston should be exclusive, open to all, and lose what it has had for many years. What this does ultimately is it lowers Boston to everyone's level. Every single person on the planet, regardless of ability, can go and do it. What's so special about that? And in a way, that's like the American Dream.

No one is saying that you can't run Boston. They are just saying that you have to do what it takes to do it. It's the same thing with the American Dream. With dedication and hard work, you can achieve it. By our government intervening in our lives to the nth degree, we lose the ability to reach our highest potential. Same thing if you lower Boston. Without some specific goals, no one has to work hard to achieve the ultimate marathon.

The bottom line is we're not all created equally. Not everyone has the ability to qualify for Boston or Kona (yo!). Not everyone is going to have the ability to achieve the American Dream. Luck has a factor in this. But the great thing about running is you don't have to achieve Boston to be a great runner. You can still achieve great things in the sport without having to add Boston to your resume. Same thing with the "American Dream". You don't need a ridiculous retirement fund or every toy to still achieve everything great this country can offer.

Food for thought in these tough times.

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  1. Hey, you can always go to Boston anytime you want and run the official race course except for one day a year :-)