Wednesday, August 10, 2011

July Round-Up

July was a BIG month of training, but that's really no surprise. It held the last build plus our peak weeks of training before starting taper. Obviously that's going to contain a lot of miles. All of my times/averages got worse (some by a whole lot, as you'll see), but all of my actual numbers went way up, so I'm not surprised there's that difference.

Anyway, onward to the numbers:

Running: 50.96 mi (average went up 57 seconds/mile (i think. i'm not good at math))
Swimming: 6.6 mi (average went up three minutes/mile)
Cycling (outside): 204.49 mi (average went down about .7 mph)
Cycling (trainer): 0 mi (sorry skippy)
Lifting: six sessions (taper included no lifting)
Other: two games of rec league softball. what what.

Despite the slowness (oh god the slowness), I'm actually really happy with everything. I haven't seen run mileage like that since Vegas training (third highest run month ever) and I've NEVER seen cycling numbers like that. I really picked up the swimming which I needed to do. Yes, I know everything was slooooow, but I got myself into the open water a lot and got really comfortable in it and that ended up making a WORLD of difference on race day.

I also did two races, including one with one of the most difficult bike rides I've ever done.

As for August, what's to come? As this is a delayed recap post, I'm already past my huge August race (recap coming soon!). The plan was to take this week as a recovery week, but I may get back into it a little on Friday as I'm starting to go crazy not being active. So, for the rest of the month, the plan is to:

- RUN. Still have that pesky Denver Rock 'N Roll Half-Marathon coming up in October that I can't forget about.
- Swim. Since the open water is now my friend, I'd like to keep getting into it while the water's still warm.
- Cycle ... but not do any long crazy rides. Just ENJOY my time on Bob.
- LIFT. I've got a wedding coming up and these arms/back need to look good in what will end up being a halter dress.
- Sprint. See wedding reason, but for slimming down more. That and it'll make the running go faster and that would be nice right now.

Basically, half-ass train for the half-mar while getting in tip-top wedding shape while enjoying NOT training for some crazy race.

Which is funny, because the Vegas half WAS our crazy race last year. Oh how times change ...

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