Sunday, August 21, 2011

Infinity Achieved

Well, I'm sitting in Charlotte on a sit before I'm off to Myrtle Beach for my overnight. It's been two weeks since I completed my goal of finishing Boulder 70.3 and therefore achieving infinity.

You've heard me use that term a lot. What does it mean exactly?

It's open to interpretation.

It's a term I borrow from the song Infinity by Guru Josh Project. The lyrics, which are also posted in my Facebook quotes section, go something like this:

Take Your Time
Trust in Me
And You Will Find

To me, very simply, it's about reaching deep within yourself to find something that is there, although you might not be sure it is. Believing in yourself to find the greatness that is within yourself.

What I learned after I crossed the finish line is that we are all capable of greatness and achieving great things, be it in a job, sports, family, whatever your goals are. No matter what, ultimately, the only thing holding you back from your dreams is you.

I achieved infinity that day.

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