Thursday, August 25, 2011

70.3 Thoughts and Photos

I've read a bit about what happens to people after an Ironman (or, in our case, a half) and what their reactions are. Typically, the aftermath goes one of two ways.

1. Superman Syndrome: I am AWESOME! I can do ANYTHING! ... person signs up for races too soon after and is all gung-ho about doing anything and everything afterward. May result in injury from coming back too soon without proper recovery.

2. Lazy Man Syndrome: Sweet! Race is over! I can be LAZY! ... person loses motivation and becomes a couch potato.

Despite the fact that we have a half-marathon in just over a month, Brandon and I have been firmly in camp 2. We have little-to-no motivation to train ... partly because we have a wedding coming up (31 days!) and partly because our main A race is over.

Obviously this isn't good BECAUSE we have the half-mar. While we discovered in April that we can b.s. our way through a 5K, 13.1 is a hell of a lot different than 3.1.

So, as a slight motivational tactic (we hope), we signed up for a sprint tri a week before the wedding. That way, we can at least force ourselves to keep cross-training and keep up our general fitness along with squeezing in extra run training so we can hopefully PR Denver.

Beyond that, I figured I'd share the official tri photos. I apologize in advance for Blogger as the formatting is likely to go to hell. I hate Blogger. Putting that out there right now. Also thanks to Brightroom/ASI Photos as all of these photos are (c) them.

First set is Brandon.

Next up is me. I'm skipping captions so I don't have to deal with blogger quite as much.

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