Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Officially part of the Ironman Family

When I crossed the finish line two days ago in Boulder, I was half expecting the finish guy to announce my name and tell me I was 1/2 of an Ironman. After all, they tell you when you cross the Ironman finish line that you are an Ironman. But I was told something much better.

"Here comes Brandon Geist of Lone Tree. Welcome to the finish. You are officially a member of the Ironman Family."

THAT, my friends, feels amazing.

Knowing that the MDot isn't just for completing an Ironman; but it's for those of us who have stepped into the suck of a 1/2 Iron course and still gave it our all. That's amazing. And an honor to be a part of.

On another note, Kris and Mark are the most amazing people on this planet. No question. They were EVERYWHERE on the course and every time I saw them I was just elated.

A better recap coming soon.

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