Monday, August 8, 2011


After not as much sleep as I would have thought I would have gotten, I decided to get on here.

I'm not going to do my whole blog post now; that's for in a few days. But, I will do, like I have in the past, initial thoughts:

- THAT was seriously the hardest thing I've done. I know I've said that a few times before and I'll probably say it again when I do Ironman*, but for right now, yeah. Accurate.
- Both of us are lobsterized. I just don't want to know how much worse it could have been had I not resprayed in transition.
- Kris and Mark are the best cheer squad EVER.
- The amount of support and congratulations we've gotten from people is amazing ... and it's mostly been from people who barely have an idea of what a triathlon even is, which is even cooler. They just know we just did something hard and grueling that we've been training several months for.

And we did it.

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