Thursday, January 23, 2014

1/13-1/19 - More Cycling Outside and a WTF Moment

Work schedule got a little screwed up this week - off Thursday instead of Wednesday, so I had very little time to think about blogging yesterday. Making that up today, though ...

I know I'm not going to have a featured, awesome workout every week. I get that. However, I'm still kind of hoping I do.

On Friday, Jenna wanted to pre-ride a bit of the Chilly Cheeks course. As it was a fairly nice day, I said "sure, why not?" and let her know when I got off work so we could meet up after that. We picked a time and went for it.

Since Chilly Cheeks takes place in Cherry Creek State Park, essentially up the street from me, I decided to ride into the park to meet her, so as not to pay park entry fees.

I neglected to realize that this would also mean adding on the pre-ride with her AND riding home.

I ended up doing 16 miles - longest ride since IMAZ! - in about an hour.

New Skratch jersey in action! On the way home.

It seemed a little slow ... but then I looked back at my training logs from early last year and realized that this was longer than any training ride I did outside last year in January and my mph was faster than a lot of my early rides, too! That made me happy as though I know I've gained some fluff post-Ironman and lost some fitness, I haven't lost it all and that is GREAT, encouraging knowledge.

The WTF Moment

So I've been waking up early Sunday mornings to swim lately. The pool/gym is generally dead that early and I like working out when it's quiet.

The 19th, my alarm went off way early - 5am - and as I turned it off, I asked myself why the F I was waking up so early to swim - it's not like I'm training for anything in specific right now. I actually crawled back into bed for a few minutes before saying, "no, damnit, get up and go," before getting up and actually going.

It's a nice feeling to know that right now, even though I don't technically NEED to train, I WANT to train. It's making it so much more enjoyable.

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